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1 month ago

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  • AttackonTitan

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  • ArminArlert

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This is how attack on titan will look like if it was "The Last Supper" of Leonardo Da Vinci! (from my imagination of course)
Please leave a heart react cause this art took me 4 WHOLE DAYS to finish.
there will be a speed paint for this art and I will post it on youtube (I do not have yet and I just finished the art so I need more time to edit the video)
I would really love to make it more detailed, but the layers have gone up to 70+ and my medibang software is freezing like crazy.
Please Like it or save this as your favorite that would be greatly appreciated.
please like.. please? come on it's free! and that will really help me out!

I've been self-studying art for 3 weeks now and this is the 4th week
you can follow my progress at
Twitter account: DoroHanshuu
Medibang Art Street: Doro Hanshuu
Pixiv Account: Doro Hanshuu
DeviantArt Account: DoroHanshuu
Instagram: Doro Hanshuu
Facebook Page: Doro Hanshuu


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