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Latest Merlina.R’s art
  • 383225
    spinel: soo glad to meet her other friends
    steven: what about me, and whose "her"?
    spinel: *in mind* omfg she doesn't know who she is????
  • Random artist
    That’s right I hear-
  • Merlina.R
    Claro bebetaaa!!! ❤💓❤💝💝❤ lo voy a hacer en humano uwu así queda más bello 👌
  • starlight ;;✨
    te keria pdir si pdias dibujar al antiguo shippeo que teniamos de Dave x Emol ::''(((((( 😔🌼🌼💞💖❣️❣️💖❤️💗🌸💖🌼💖❤️💖❣️💖🌼💖🌼💖❣️✨💕💝💕💕💕♥️
  • Merlina.R
    Gracias bebetaaaaa!!! ❤💕💕💝❤💕💕❤💓💝💕❤
  • @Kia_v0v

  • starlight ;;✨
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PERO QUE HERMOSO LA PTM ;;; ❤️❣️💝💞💞❣️💋💖🌼🌸💖🌼💖🌼💖💖❤️❤️💖❤️💖❤️💞💞❣️🌼😔💗💗
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