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💊💉💜🐺DPM & TVKeda👓👔🖊🏥

💊💉💜🐺DPM & TVKeda👓👔🖊🏥

💊💉💜🐺DPM & TVKeda👓👔🖊🏥

TVK: Dr,don't you have an appointment about,I don't know,NOW?
DPM: Ermm..No,not any that I know of.. It's my lunch break.
TVK:But your patient,her-
DPM:What about her?!?
TVK:Jeez,okay,okay..Didnt you want to check out her bruised wrist?You said that about a few hours ago.
DPM:(It was at this moment,he knew,he f*cked up.)
DPM:..Sh*t. I forgot about her!
*flies down the hallway to get to her room*
DPM:Don't worry,I'm coming!Doc's coming!
TVK:What would that guy do without me..
Just a lil scene in my head I thought of at the last moment😫😁
DoctorPopeeMello definitely cares about her a lot oof
TVKeda almost always has to keep himself on his toes until his shift ends
I thought the scene would accompany the doodle I did of both of them nicely lmaoo

Final Round LEVEL 1

3 weeks ago
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