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DD’s February Banner

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4 months ago

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So, a while ago, I made a gift for YanDessuDraws, she loved it, to the point that it became her background for her tablet and her banner for ART street. And then she asked me to make a valentines banner for her. So, I did. You might not be able to see the sona on the banner cause the pose is a bit weird, and I made her a bit smaller than last time, so I apologize if you can only see her hair or something in the final product. I hope all the bun buns are visible tho, cause with the last banner, dangi was the only one that you weren’t able to see… I was kinda sad. But… I measured this one out, and we shouldn’t have any bun bun visibility issues.

(Btw, all bun buns and persona, belong to YanDessuDraws, none of this belongs to me, please go check out YanDessuDraws!)

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