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1 year ago

  • giftyouwant

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First of all, thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity.
I've always drawn to a fascinating stuff. Whatever something visually intriguing enough to caught my eye that belongs in any shape or form, I got an urge to use this inspiration as my work of concept.
Materializing the concept is what I have been doing by drawing an artwork. Barbie is no exception, either. Actually, it has been my all time favorite childhood doll.
I've admired the way they maintain a certain aesthetic beauty, wondering what kind of story they might have under the layer of their sheer elegance.
This version of Barbie is an embodiment of sophistication.
Passionate red hair, vibrant turquoise make up, tweed jacket woven from snowflakes and Oreos, all of her features elicits creative buzz.
It would be amazing if I experience this 'potential' and observe its beauty up close and personal.


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