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Plutonium LEVEL 3

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6 months ago

  • HumanizedChemicalElements

  • plutonium

  • green

  • getthistolvl4

  • Radioactive

  • girl

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Oooh, look, a hAnD (it looks kinda wack, but it'd probably look worse without the reference lol)
But anyways, here is humanized plutonium I guess. At first I was planning to do radium, but then I learned that for the background (which is the demon core), was made of plutonium
So yeah, plutonium, I think it's made from bombs and stuff
It was discovered around 1940, so I made the outfit in like 1940's fashion stuff (idk if the hair is historically accurate, but I wanted to keep it like this)
Sooooooo yeahhhhhh
This isn't how I usually draw hair highlights, but when I tried my usual way, ehhhhhhh, it looked meh

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