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Russian Federation. Easter cakes and curd Easter.

In Russia, one of the main religions of the state is Orthodoxy. The illustration shows the traditional Slavic look of dishes during the Orthodox Easter festivities.

Easter сakes is sweet bread. Tall and cylindrical in shape. Top with glaze and decorations. Inside is very airy and tasty dough. Most often, raisins and vanilla are added to the dough.

Curd Easter is a special dessert, which, according to Russian customs, is prepared once a year, for Easter, at home. It has the shape of a truncated pyramid. The main ingredient is the best quality cottage cheese. The filling is varied. In classic versions, these are raisins, berries, condensed milk, nuts, chocolate, dried fruits or dried apricots. Decoration can be any.

Easter cakes and curd Easter are traditionally served for tea.


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