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2 months ago

  • medibangpaint

Alright, so imma be doing some emoji adopts, I think I’m only gonna do five or ten at a time this time cuz people got left out and I felt rlly overworked :( I’ll say when they’re back open again in the comments once all the people have requested them. Ummm rules I guess??: comment some emojis (at least two and at most five) and I’ll make you an oc! Also comment the species you want them to be, and you can add gender/name/accessories/etc if you feel like it! Sorry I’ve not been posting as much, I’m kinda feeling sorta burnt out tbh. Anyways, I’ll probably do some normal adopts because I haven’t done those in a while, and I’ll maybe try doing some pallet adopts some time! On my post ‘what should I do?’, you can comment times ur usually on so I can find a good time to post!! I just wanna make sure stuffs convenient for ya guys ;w;


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