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1 month ago

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This is Kuri’s new look I’ll explain later I have exams :D

Edit: alright I’m done-
Soo basically I changed Kuri a bit for winter, I’ll add a full thing in a few days once I’m out of debt -<-

Nothing much changed about her personality, she’s still charismatic, charming, and laughs like it’s her last-
Her fingerless gloves reach from elbow to just before her fingers :’)
But during warm days it’s only from the wrist to before her fingers
She wears fishnet stockings but I didn’t draw it here since I was pressured and I can’t change it now sadly :(
Her eyes are now full green instead of dimmed turquoise or cyan :’)
You may still dress her in her old outfit if you’d wish, since her closet varies a ton

This is her main outfit, but as I said feel free to dress her in anything as long as it fits her aesthetic (for colors- she usually wears pastel or “dimmed” colors, not too dark nor too bright)

Wow this is long thanks for reading :)


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