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ART streetイラスト講座-第24弾- ドット絵の描き方

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1 year ago

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ART streetイラスト講座-第24弾- ドット絵の描き方

MediBang Paintのドット絵ブラシを使えば、初心者でも簡単にできますよ♪
・ART streetのロゴはなるべく消さないようにお願いいたします。

Drawing Lessons on ART street Vol.24 How to Draw Pixel Art
★Tutorial Page:

We will show you how you can draw pixel art in MediBang Paint.
By using a pixel brush, you can easily create pixel art!
After watching our tutorial, you may download the line art and try to color it! Don't forget to upload your work and share it with us!

※Important Points※
・Please view the posting guidelines.
・Please do not delete the logo of ART street when you upload.
・We have no responsibility for trouble between users.


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