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Name of Hunter:zoroko
Hunter Class (0-5):4
Height / Weight:160 cm /50kg
Ranking within Hunter Class (1-100)-77
Characteristics (Reason for becoming a Hunter, skills, items etc):
Zoroko had always seen her father hunting the marine life. As she lived in a distant village far away from the main city she couldn't attend school. So she always used to go with her father and quietly observe him while he hunted. When she turned 12 her father was suffering from illness as she was the only one he had she took the responsibility to take care of the household and her father. Her passion for hunting makes her strive to become one of the best hunters known and protect everyone she loves.
Skills -Zoroko has keen vision
She also specializes in aqua sword skills (these were used by Zoroko's father and are beneficial for hunters)
Item- Screw dagger (when a Hunter uses this to kill the prey this dagger indicates the species of the prey )
Screw dagger-It screws the prey


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