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6 months ago

  • YandereSimulatorFanArtContest

  • By_Tortellini

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  • Yandere_Simulator

  • Ayano_Aishi

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -w-'''
I know I said that I was having a break, but like, the Yandere Simulator Fan Art Contest will finish soon and I want to win >:) ya know why ehjehejheeh-✨
also, yes, I took a sentence from the videogame for the title because I've played Yandere Sim of course ùwú
I made the illustration with my graphic tablet because I want this drawing to be the one that will make me win the contest qwq it was really hard to make (ಥ _ ಥ) please leave a like for me umu
thank you for reading :) ima continue my break... see ya ✌



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