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🔹 banished 🔹

🔹 banished 🔹

🔹 banished 🔹

This is Eligor and aster(asterothrn), apparently I like drawing these unicorn looking things so m-,
Eligor was banished for killing his wife Annette, eligor killed her on accident because of his rage out break [he has anger problems so that's another reason for the circle around his neck I need to give it a name lmao], asterothrn found out what he did from Felot eligor's son-
The place in the background is realm -10 where most god form [they grow from a pond in the middle of asterothrn's castle, the unicorn thingys will form like baby frogs the eggs and hatch and when they do they will either swim around or climb out of the pond and grow their fluff, their tail starts out small but grows in time, if one was born with two horns they would be a separated to one of the floating grass islands, if one had three or four they would be counted as a god[three/four horns] or guardian[five horns], aster has 5 horns, Annette 1, eligor 3

Final Round LEVEL 1

2 weeks ago

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