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8 months ago

  • Spirits

  • cat

  • SouleverSpirits

  • screen

  • furry

  • Soulever

  • Arctic

This is technically a clan...? Not really... this is just a father and his daughter... which is SouleverSpirits!? :O No, the character does not refer to my irl father, it’s just my “father” in the story I am making, but the character is not my real father in the story I am making because he literally stole me from my parents, oh my gosh this sounds very confusing. Uh... it will make sense when I make the comic... heh... Also the picture shows baby SouleverSpirits, like, 5 year old SouleverSpirits. These are my original oc’s Arctic and Soulever Spirits, please don’t republish my art in any way shape or form, thank you!


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