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3 days ago

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I am so proud of this oh mah ga-
I did MANY things I've never done before/ haven't done much of! And by many I mean 2 things-
I've drawn in PERSPECTIVE! I've been wanting to get out of the fear of drawing perspective so I DREW IN PERSPECTIVE-
I also drew WATERRR- I am not as scared of drawing this unlike perspective but HEY I'VE DONE IT-
I also thought of the ahem.. PHYSICS of the drawing. As you can see on your left is her hand kinda on the floor under the water. I realized that shew would be pushing her skirt into the water if she rested her hand there! So I've made water come through the fabrics of her skirt and create a errr PUDDLE. Also on the other side too because of the weight of the skirt.
There's 100% some mistakes with the perspective but this is the best I can get it! =3 Enjoyyy~!

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