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2 months ago

  • medibangpaint

  • GachaLifeVoiceActed

  • Auditioned

  • byWyntersnow

  • VoiceReveal

As you all know Gacha Life is really popular in youtube with mini movie,series and voice acted...

You see,I met a friend on PAGO and he wanted to make a voice acted series but only 2 ppl have auditioned since he only had 17 subscribers and he need more ppl...

So I wanted u guys to auditioned for him at discord and I will leave the link on the comment...This is not a force! If u guys dont feel comfortable reveal voices its ok....His channel name FoxySlayer#5304 hope u guys tell ur friend about this I really want to help him....

NOTE:I also might audition so This mean my FIRST voice reveal!


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