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6 months ago

  • By_Tortellini

Thank you for reading, I need to announce to all of you that there are some changes now...
maybe you saw that I've changed the description of my page yesterday, and you saw that I asked you all to not send me friend requests anymore because I can't accept them, it's because of my parents, for my privacy and my security they don't want me to chat privately with strangers, actually I agree with that, so that's why I'm going to cancel all the friends I have here on the site.
If you want to speak to me, please do it publicly in the comments under my drawings.
Also, still for my privacy, I won't say private things anymore, I don't know if maybe I will unpublish the artwork where I wrote some of my personal informations...
Last, don't follow me because of pity or something else wich isn't "I like the art", my parents doesn't like that I have 177 followers, actually they doesn't even know it, but from now on they will supervise me and what I do.
I hope you understand. Bye.



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