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1 year ago

  • June2020_Contest:Street_Art

  • rainy

  • scenery

  • purple

  • COVID-19

  • night

  • Pandemic

  • street

  • fight

  • graffiti

  • streetart

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As we all know, street art is a work of art in the street area with a message that the artist wanted to convey. One of the street art is graffiti.

Based on this work, I want to tell you about the current situation that is happening around the world which is the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still hope in this disaster that we faced together. Even though we are all far apart from each other, but our hearts must have the same goals. That is, to fight this pandemic attack successfully and hope to have a better day than before.

Through this work, through this graffiti mural, I want to convey the community, that we must remain strong, stay strong together, work together to do something with compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the government.

I believe, through short messages like this street art can help people become more aware of what we went through and always have ways to fight it.

"One for All, All for One"

Thank you.


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