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5 months ago

  • medibangpaint

  • blue

  • perspective

  • purple

  • oc

  • pink

  • asthetic

  • sunset

  • furry

hewo hoomans! i tried something different this time as an attempt at backrounds, color scheme, perspective, blending, and asthetics. and im realy happy with what i got as a result. this is an illustration of a part of wendells story
the story behing it:
his wife found out that all this time he was with his gangster friends when she was on a walk with the child, and saw him and his "friends" raiding a store. she was mad at him, because it would be a bad influence to their kid, and it was dangerouse and wrong. after an argument, she kicked him out of the house, so he went out on a walk to go and clear his head.
welp hope ya like this. it was so much fun for me to make

-kitty radar


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