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1 year ago

  • medibangpaint

I so sorry guys

I think I'm gonna have a bye bye to Medibang Paint
I'm not sure
I'm planning to switch to Deviant Art (actually I already did)
Medibang is great to use but the problem is I'm on my phone and every time I want to see a post I have to wait for it to go to Chrome
It's actually quite time consuming and I don't really like it
Maybe you guys will think differently but I personally don't want to waste so much time
And so I switched to Deviant Art
The great thing about it is that I can comment on that page right away without waiting for it to go to Chrome
I still draw on medibang but I will communicate less
If you want you can go over to Deviant Art and find me
My Nick is: MilkyWayCorn

I really want to make friends and talk to you. You are all my closest friends
So I hope you can come over to DA
That I don't force, I just want to chat and talk with you

I will wait over there
See you again ^^

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