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Sad Boi Hours 2.0

keep in mind that I'm not sad, and if I were, I wouldn't put it here

but uhhh here's this-

So I felt paranoid and searched myself on here this morning
and I guess one of the results was this chat thingy ??? (It got taken down or the person deleted it, idk)
So I read through it wanting to know why that was one of the results that came up for me
and I guess these lads were talking about me a little??
It wasn't anything negative, but one thing stood out to me
Someone (not saying who) said I ignore people 95% of the time and I seem to have a friend limit?
Is that how I come off? If so, I'd like to change that (I dont ignore my comments if that's what anyone was thinking, I read them all. 🤠)

☆Oh, and keep in mind that I have nothing against these people in that chat, they're pretty epic people (I didn't know who some of them were tho, I cant say I've talked to/ tried to talk to them before. These bois seem pretty cool tho)

1 month ago