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Young Auxesia

When they're young, their wings have yet to be fully blossom, same goes to their powers. Auxesia is a kind and gentle being, where ever they go, flowers will start to bloom behind them, leaving a trail of flowers.
All breed are mostly females and can be seen in all places resonated with nature.
Once fully developed and in the stage of adulthood. They will become the guardian of nature itself.
Due to their gentle nature, she is respected by everyone. However, like-nature herself, things can go absolutly wrong and this could lead to a big problem.
A fun companion to have, maybe a better idea to those who wants a mother-like figure but, in form of a dragon.
Had awesome fun in drawing her xD and i love how she turned out. I tried doing a small background thing and see how it works :0 it works well with the flowers etc. So im gonna continue using dat method :)

1 week ago

Post your illustrations too!