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1 month ago


  • medibangpaint

I know I did an in-game version of Dark Unicorn Bibi before, but I made a few more changes to it and wanted to see how they looked in 3D. I also thought of a description for it gor when I put Dark Unicorn on Supercell Make. "Who says unicorns don't exist? Embrace your inner unicorn with this magical skin. The skin features a sparkly jacket, a holographic crop top, unicorn earrings, a crystal bat, denim galaxy shorts, long stripey socks, blue iridescent boots, black lace gloves, tri-color eyeshadow and of course, unicorn ears, a horn and a tail. Remember to always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn." I may need to work on it some more, but that's my MANE idea. Yes, the unicorn pun was intentional.