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6 months ago

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So shes not really a dragon shes similar in the way some of her powers work like yes she dose have wings and a tail and it can be used as a blade (can be sharpend in a way) and i did some reserch to come up to where she came from. yay me.
and shes been around for thousands of years but we will just say that she is like 24 or something ( also why im giving this info is cos i may or may not be making a series or something idk it would prob be trash cos i cant write but i might try) also when she ended up here she befriended the character im making who is going to be like 20 or 19 who works for her personally (not like that ya nasty)
Kinda like her right hand man but dosnt know shes a demon.
Ok i know i need to stop talking but i just have way to much energy
Ok fine im leaving
Wosh u hand
K bai


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