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5 months ago

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first of all thanks to all the people who joined my contest :D eheh it was really fun to do =w=✨
I'm sorry for the people who didn't post their entry :( I was really curious to see their artworks-
by the way, here are the pages of the winners B:) and yes, this is a sponsor-
1) Mikey-kun 2.0 - (you won't find the original art work)
2) Firebull -
3) هبة الله سارة HIBAT ALLAH Sarah -
about the prizes:
the first place (Mikey-kun 2.0) can choose three prizes between a request, a collab or an adopt, the second place (Firebull) can choose two prizes of those, so the third place (هبة الله سارة HIBAT ALLAH Sarah) can choose only one :)
also you can choose the same prize twice or for three times*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* for example: the first place can choose two requests and one adopt instead of just one request✨✨
tell me if you have any questions =v=
I've done, see ya :P



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