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5 months ago

  • WingsofFire

Aaaaaaaaaa coloring. I was looking at Murderbasket’s description and noticed it said that he was just a little bigger than Starflight and much bigger than Winter. I wondered, “just how much different in size are the dragons?” Like, Winter is 5 years old and on the cover he looks like a full grown icewing. Starflight is 7 years old, and Deathbringer is 13. The dragons must do a lot of growing if Winter is only 5 and he’s much shorter than Deathbringer, who’s just a little bit taller than Starflight who’s only two years older than Winter. Then again, they are two different types of dragons, maybe their growth rate is different from each other.

Wings of Fire is by Tui T. Sutherland.


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