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5 months ago

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I'm posting it here so it doesnt get lost and is easier to find.
This is basically just Naru but 80%?? That probably doesnt make much sense though it's not like I've given any 🎇Naru Lore✨ but anyways- demon..person.
Name: Bel
Age: 15,000 (I'm not sure if they look that way tho... oops)
Height: 5'11
B-Day:  June 21st
Relationship status: Single
Sexual orientation: unknown (probably has no preference,)
Voice claim: Matsudappoiyo (Utau)
Favorite Music disk: Strad , 11 (?)
Usually has Wool and Torches
(Any pronouns, base version (of who this character is) is a girl though)
If you know who it's supposed to be then you get an epic reward


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