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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
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babs I got (Summer Sirens)

whoops no watermark-(sorry beast 😓)
3/4 I got recently have been drawn(I'll draw the 4th one soon)
Im deciding the story between these 3:
1):Three girls who have been popular in school for different reasons;Camry was the athlete/rogue one/literal savage one;Elle was the smart kid(both street smart and book smart;Lonnie was the pretty girl,not the smartest at all,but can be when the time is needed
They all switch bodies during a school project after being put in a group project about getting to know each other and have to experience life through their eyes for the whole week

2):Three girls of the same scenerio/background but Elle is telekinetic ,Camry is amazingly strong and struggles to control and hide it,while Lonnie has advanced(super)speed ;They meet at a school festival and must stick together after finding out each other's powers to survive when an event occurs,ridding almost the entire population but the people like them. The different ones.

Lol that's all,but enjoy 🦋🗡🍟💜

4 months ago

Post your illustrations too!