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10 months ago

  • MyIdealHusbando

  • MyIdealWaifu_MyIdealHusbandoContest

  • illustration

  • painting

  • boy

  • doodle

  • girl

  • digital

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my girl
1.自然不做作,真實不矯情 Natural, not hypocritical, not false
2.愛笑,樂觀,善良 Laughter, optimistic, kind
3.大膽又激進,勇敢積極向上 Bold, brave, positive

my boy
1.永遠在我背後守候 Always waiting behind me
2.我搞笑時會捧場 He will join when I am funny
3.配合我瞎鬧 Cooperate with me

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