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4 months ago

  • Post_Multiple_Images_Contest

  • fanart

  • angel

  • blackandwhite

  • demon

  • illustration

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This is an illustration I did for a gent a while ago. He wanted an angel-vs-demon with a similar aesthetic to Darksider game design (unfortunately never played it myself ^^).

My process at that time was pretty simple and straightforward:

1 - Make a rough sketch on paper

2 - Take a photo of that and make some adjustment and try some value

3 - When I think the design is good, I go to make some clean lineart

4 - Get the shading job done on the characters

5 - Work on the background, and some overall effect on the scene.

Now looking back there were some problems with my design (like the incorrect anatomy of the angel), but at that time I just got back to drawing, my foundation was weak (still is lol). And I still apply this process today so here it is.

Thank you and have a nice day ^^


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