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1 year ago

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•Well, now I have to give context to the drawing.
I drew myself on my current sofa bed, where I've been sleeping for almost a year and a half, but. What is the problem? well you see it's a sofa bed... without bed. which leaves me with only two options.
1. sleep on the couch where only half of my body fits.
2. Sleep on the floor.
I took option 1 for obvious reasons "worse is nothing". ok, then ... do you want a bed or something like that?
yare yare ~
no. I want a tablet where I can draw until the day of my death. That is what I want and, surprisingly, not everyone is asking for something similar. After all, it is what we are here for. to draw. and the reason I ignored my back pain, the reason for my gift is to draw.
I'm currently using a Galaxy Note 3 to draw, but it's in its last days and I don't know how long I can keep doing this. This could be literally my last drawing unless...

Thank for reading!!


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