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Lineless art wow-

hopefully nobody reads this cause hhh...

You know what's the worst part about seeing your friends be depressed and not being able to help? The fact that even after they're "ok" you don't want to jump back in with them cause then you feel like an asshole for not being there when they were down, and then even after they're "better" it seems like something else gets them sad and you don't say anything or even acknowledge that you're there and youre worried cause if you do *that* might make them sad and holy shit I wanna vent and be sad but that'll just make THEM sad and seems like they're so prone to being sad and I feel like I needa push myself away from them cause I don't really feel like a good friend and hhhhhhhh....
I'm sure I'll get over it.... The reason I never vent is cause I "get over it" fairly quickly so there's no point sharing troubles and making friends worry....
Don't say anything if you saw this, cause then others are gunna read it and idontwantthat.

3 months ago

Post your illustrations too!