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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
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My entry for the Art Street Character Contest!
Risa means "smile" in spanish, so I thought it would be appropriate, because I love art and that is what Risa wants to bring to the world with her own work. :)

In the daytime, she's always working hard to make art. She loves participating in art challenges with her friends, and she loves retweeting relateable art content on her twitter.

But during the nighttime, she's more relaxed! She likes taking warm showers and playing a good game. She remembers to take it easy, in order to prevent herself from burning out, and makes sure to take care of herself. Art is cool, but overworking yourself isn't, so she makes sure to find that balance! <3

I hope that you guys like her, even if she doesn't win~ I'm just glad I could share her with everyone participating or observing this contest. ^ ^

2 months ago