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Birpollo, God of the Sun LEVEL 2

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3 years ago

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Praise the almighty sun, the star that shines upon the darkness. The opposite of the moon. Birpollo is the ruler of the sun and enjoys music, reading prophecy and his warm light heals the coldest hearts.
Birpollo's other name is, Phoebus meaning, radiant after becoming one with Helios.
You would always see him playing his signature instrument, the Kithara.
With his 4 wings he lifts the sun without any problem. Both the sun and moon work together in balance. However, deep down they really hate each other especially during the meeting of the Gods

AAAHAHAHAHAAAA, this turned out sooooo awesome and i goddamn enjoyed drawing the sun O^O PRAISE THE SUN! \[T]/ Next month will be featuring the God(dess) of the Moon :D

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