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My Christmas Wish!

My Christmas Wish!

My Christmas Wish!

Copic Sketch 72 Set: $437 CAD


Copic Ciao 72 Set: $279CAD

This year my Christmas wasn't as cheery as previous years. Four days ago, I was diagnosed with a lesion in my brain. In the new year, I have to go for more tests to see if it's a cyst or a tumour...
As I draw this image, I try to distract myself and not think about it.

The reason I wish for copic marks is from when I was a child/teen. I really wanted to become an artist and copics were the dream, but my parents were unsupportive and would rip my drawings.
I had to do digital art in order to hide it from my parents. They forced me to do music in university for classical piano (to fulfill my mom's dream, not mine) so I never got a chance to learn to use any traditional mediums.

Final Round LEVEL 4

1 month ago
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