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9 months ago

  • medibangpaint

She is Queen Fiona or was Queen fiona...
She is Scarlet's Mother and the last one of her kind of powerfull magic.
she is the daughter of the Dragon lord Drogo and Safary the dragon queen. without forgeting her four older siblings:

Izzis the older daughter
Grothas the second oldest brother
Barroth the midle brother
Kimoda the younger brother
and Fiona the youngest of them.
(and of course Fiona was adopted since she was found by the Dragon lord and the Dragon queen, all of her sibligs theart her there own kind even with the big differences but they are preaty protective ) and by protective I mean that the other kind of unicorns would want to marry her for her powers. Plus there was a lot of danger and risk if left without protection. And beacuse of that she was trained in combat ,magic and healing but she Prefers to use her log sword .


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