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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
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5 months ago


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for a gurl I know irl
It's her persona and my other "persona"
(No it's not my persona but like an alteration of her)
Hers is the one on the right! :3
Please enjoy this cuz I enjoy it a lot too :3
I'm still doing the drawing challenge thingy,a pfp contest entry for someone ùwú,and more princess(there's the regular queen and then there's the princess,which is the one in the quest to HentaiLand and with bae) jazzyfly+bae art
I'm also trying to get more DPM and his patient done,and bring back LUCY to continue the comic and draw the rest of the dolls oh god 😂(Only Vintage,Ozzy,Osiris,Dizzy,Stitch,Henry,and Chap have been drawn a lot,but I haven't drawn the others(I mean Ozzys family(he has a big family)and the ones Beast gave me(which the ones he gave me are part of the story don't worry)
Basically a ton of stuff I'm trying to do before school starts :"^)))))))
My art schedule list(whatever you wanna call it is getting longer 😂😊🙂😭)