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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
Latest 👑Corgi Queen👑’s art
  • GreedyBubbie♥
    very much welcome uwuwu
  • ♡Omy♡
    -no credit for the name-
  • Xxmidnight_demønxX
    o.m.g that's so cool,where did you get such skill in character designs? :O
  • 👑Corgi Queen👑
    some info bout her: she carries a survival guide, laser pointer (Cuz she's short and uses it to point at stuff), a rebellion badge and 2 knives for protection. she was part of the royal bounty hunters for many years and shot down any rebels going against the kingdom, she was walking home one day and rebel had noticed her, they gathered up there courage and grabbed her shoulder they wanting to explain why they where rebelling, nam'er didn't have any equipment to fight them so she let them talk, it showed her a new light on the kingdom and relized they where right to rebel so she slowly joined the rebels and earned the rebel badge that she keeps till today, the other bounty hunters got suspicious of her and found out that she was a rebel her self, they put a death penalty on her head so she ran away now that's where she is today
  • 👑Corgi Queen👑
  • GreedyBubbie♥
    woahhhh this looks raddd :oo
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