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4 months ago
  • あいうあぼ
    > 1520557460
    Thank you
  • 1520557460
  • あいうあぼ
    > 雙聲乂凜楓
  • あいうあぼ
    > Susan Lee
    Thank you very much
    I like to draw characters, and I have a poor sense of background, but I will do my best for the girl.
    Let's keep working hard together!
  • 雙聲乂凜楓
  • Susan Lee
    Amazing style, you are so talented ❤❤ love the colors and textuture but also the perspective is awesoome.. I want to be an arhitect but i am not good with perspective and objects, i am good only at semirealistic portaits... I hope one day i will able to do a background as you, GREAT WORKKK
  • Hidarikiki On’nanoko
  • あいうあぼ
    > Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    I will add it to my profile as soon as the commission function is added.
    Please speak at that time.
  • Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    I don't understand? Sorry.
  • あいうあぼ
    > Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    There are no functions now, right?
    As features are added, add them to the profile.
    Please contact me at that time.

    I use machine translation and may not understand it.
    I'm sorry.
  • Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    I believe you can put it on your profile, that you could do commissions. I'm sorry and I hope that soon that medibang will put a commision feature on there. But if you put it on medibang profile, all those that follow you, will be notified, and from there it's a word of mouth. Why I asked was because I'm looking for a partner for a manga I'm working on, I can't draw for my life, but I can write so I'm looking for someone to draw out what I see. It wouldn't be immediate and you could take your time with it. If it something you're interested in I can tell you about it! Unfortunately i can't pay sorry!
  • あいうあぼ
    > Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    Is there commission on this site?
    I did not know that there is a commission feature here!
    Please call me if you say so!
  • Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    > あいうあぼ
    If I ask you on here will you accept it....? The commission I mean, internet is slow and this is the only site that works fast, will you mind if I ask for you assistance or for a commission on here?
  • あいうあぼ
    > ♓『鱼哥』
  • あいうあぼ
    > Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    Thank you for putting it that way.
    This is my original character.

    If it rains at the school I was attending, the outside classes will be canceled.
    At that time, students read books and go to bed.
    It is an illustration of such a scene.

    Yes,I'm doing.
    mail address(
    Dedicated site(
    I'm going with these.
  • ♓『鱼哥』
  • Hidarikiki On’nanoko
    Okay first, how is there only one comment here!? This is awesome! I do have a few questions though, is this part of a manga of some sort? What was inspiration? Is it part of a story? And most important of all, do you do commissions!?!!
  • Carlos116 カルロス

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