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5 months ago

  • Christmas

  • Adopts

So I've decided that I will try to do some requested adopts. I say try because I know I have a history of giving up on a request halfway through doing it but, I'll try not to do that this time. May be a bit easier since I don't have school or cello classes for the next 2 weeks. Anyways, here are the rules:

I'm only taking 3 for now so that I have enough time to complete them before I take on the next batch. If you don't get a request, don't be sad! You always have another chance. These are for Christmas so first come first serve and anyone can enter! Only 1 per person unless I say otherwise.
For design you can either just tell me what color palette you want, you can send me a link to a color palette you like, or you can ask for me to make a character based off of something.

That's the end of the rules, and if you're wondering what this random drawing is doing here, I don't know. I just thought I would include it because I like how it looks. Happy holidays :)


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