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1 month ago

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Hello there, and I'm pretty sure no one will be reading this but anyways. When Art street! came up with this new DRAW THIS AGAIN challenge I was quite thrilled because I've never did anything like this before. I'm really happy that I didn't deleted my olden works, Well looking back I was really proud of what I did. Now looking and seeing how much my drawings have changed I'm in a shock. I never cared to compare most of my drawing before so I pretty much didn't have any clue. To be honest I'm pretty much clue less maybe even speechless (LOL). The 2019 one was made last year in the month of December itself. People who knew me from the beginning might know how my art works really looked like. Well it’s still there I assume I haven't deleted them all. There is a manga there which I remember I haven't, so feel free to see my old drawings there!
Thank You!!
Hey, that's a lot (LOL)


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