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- Rita - LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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Patrzcie jaki ładny Azor xD

and now seriously:

Name: Rita (unless I come up with something better)
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Breed: Border collie x ???
Age: one and half year

well, check out drawings :P

quite big dog

shy, nice, generally quiet

Extra information:
- OC created for needs of RP
- She lost leg when she was younger ( by fox attack ). Nevertheless, she has learned to cope without that paw and it doesn't stop her from walking or even running ( Of course, she's not as agile and fast as other dogs. She sometimes stumbles, especially when she's trying to run )
- She completely does not care what others think of her ( I mean unpleasant comments )
- She prefers to be alone, but doesn't mind company if she doesn't get too many questions about herself

Opis jest tak rozbudowany tylko dlatego, że chce mieć gotowca na ToyHousa :P

It was supposed to be a character for RP, but I don't know how it will be now :v

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