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8 months ago

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The Ladies on the Outside is a secret, bodyguarding organization that swear to protect their contractor their entire life. Their policy states to: Never ask about business practices, never investigate the organization, never ask for more than you deserve, and minding your manners in their presences. Along with their policy is-- of course--the price of their services:

To preface, the organization originally gather together in order to search for their "prince." Should they find them, all their services will cease and they will vanish.

If you can live day-to-day knowing that they can leave abandon you at any moment on a dime, The Ladies on the Outside will accept your request with open arms.

The Ladies on the Outside welcome you.

Inspired by the Sicilian folktale "Doñas de fuera" -- with a modern spin.

Backgrounds and cat silhouette provided by Pixabay!


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