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5 months ago

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hi!! ive just ate two mini twix and drank some water, now on to explaining

basically I feel bad that I dont rlly draw stuff for other people and im not having any art ideas so im doing adopts, art trades, and requests!

only one per person as of now!! ill be doing up to 4 at a time and theyll be posted in a batch. the slots are fcfs and theyre custom, so pls leave some kind of description or aesthetic for me to go off of!!

art trades:
pls link the character u want done and say if its headshot/bust, half body, full body, etc, and the expression or smth!!
no limit on these but pls no rush lol

basically the same as art trades, but ill do 4 of em haha


anyways I gtg to bed!! gn, love yall!! /platonic


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