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3 months ago

  • September2020_Contest:Furry

  • ロック中
  • medibangpaint

  • wolf

  • magnorose🌹

  • anthro

  • furry

  • rubicons🐺

  • furry

  • iPad_raffle

  • furryoc

  • digitaldrawing

🐾Which one is your favorite?⠀

🐾That's not Ruben nor a redesign of him. It's just his little brother, Akuji. He's alot more enthusiastic when doing the dirty work.... (uh, bloody stuff and violent acts you'd rather not hear about).⠀


Also, apparently, I have 50 followers now. Not eager on doing anything special for my medibang account since I'm too busy right now.....

But hey, thanks for enjoying my childish scribbles. Heh. There is more to come, so stay tuned ^^


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