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1 year ago

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we got counties :)))))

one is technically a province as well, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

that moment when u gay af and ur dad is the head priest, so u gotta keep it on the dl,, and then ur dad str8 up forbids u from even associating with ur bf or his family,,, so u say ”fuck it” and go against ur dad for the 1st time in, like,, 200+ years, cuz u mad in love,,, and ur bf ends up getting punished for it,,,,,, so u go and build a shack in the middle of the woods, so u and ur bf can hang out in secret,,,,,
and then ur bfs lil bro finds out about it and starts hanging out there as well when the dysphoria hits a bit too hard,,,, no prob tho, he sweet,

i love these boys with my whole heart,,, even if Skåne has better healthcare,,,,,
also i’m lazy and didn’t do the full designs of the flags/coats of arms, cuz i don’t want to draw a dude, an eagle and some other bs every single time i draw them :))))))


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