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Ocean adopt! (Lazy-) LEVEL 3

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5 months ago

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Hi hello, I made 3 adopts! 2 of them have been claimed/reserved. I was planning on making more but I’ve been really sick lately and haven’t been able to muster any strength to draw much or really do much, so all I have are these for now ^^”
Anyways, here’s how to claim Rouge the compass jellyfish!:
They’re a WTA adopt (write to adopt)!

⚠️If you’re not too confident in drawing but love stories, here’s an adopt for you! The rule is to write a story/backstory/desc for them. Please try to not just make it one sentence- Whoever comments a storyline and description in the comments first can claim them!⚠️

My only wish is that you all be fair with each other and no drama happens over an adopt! I’ll make more in the future sometime so please don’t fret about it. With all that said, have fun!

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