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2 months ago

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Here my Ship child:
Curiosity Cassandra Verlaris



5-8 years old. (But right now she's 5)

First name was Mandatory by Cross.

Middle name was supposed to be her first name but Cassandra means "Shining" or "Strong".

And her last name was that I combined "Mars and Oppertunity's" last names "Solaris and Rover" into "Verlaris"

Things about her:
-Is full of curiosity!
-is happy most of the time but Also Shy.
- Knows how to prove her points!
- Loves her Papa's very much ^^
-Is inspired by the place she lives (with her pops Mars)
-Loves hugs, but don't make her cry-
-Fluffy BB uwu

**Since In the Margin of the contest that I can't send multiple things about her I will send extra stuff on how I develop her through-out Topics**

But I hope you like her cause her character development took me about two hours too do ^^"" 》》

Edit: Just peeped the drawing and her last name says "Velaris" (It was meant to say "Verlaris" my bad!! ^^" ))


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