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2 months ago

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"c'mon Rose! don't you want to explore outside of hollownest?"
"No, I want to sleep. you guys kept me up all night"
"the sooner we get going, the sooner you can sleep! c'mon! let's get going!"
"*happy bean noises*"
= = = = =
while drawing this, I had a few headcanons:
Lumi would be able to provide thought for Bean and Rose outside of hollownest
Rose gets mad when she doesn't get to sleep
Lumi's nail was made by Bean and Rose :D (Bean somehow remembered what radiance looked like, rose did the forging)
rose didn't have a rose on her scythe before, but it started growing and lumi told her to keep it
= = =
btw, I won't be very active anymore because of personal reasons (I think you might know by now since everyone else has the same problem) so I won't be able to do stuff like contest entries or requests
I'll still be able to like your posts and maybe comment or join in on something if I'm feeling brave ^^"
see you another time


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