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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
Latest Lune’s art

Doggo adopts!! (2) 150 special!!


-Not Fcfs
-No drama
-Don’t steal them

The rows have themes uwu
1-Mushroom Eve
2-Petal Sunset
3-Coral Midnight
4-Flower Noon

The one that says “Mine” means that you will have to offer big to get your hands on them. So, if you want it, pay for it (not with real money)!

Ota- Offer To Adopt
Dta- Draw To Adopt
Fcfs- First Come First Serve
Nta- Name To Adopt
Bta- Backstory To Adopt

Haha yeee, this is the other Description I used, but eh, it works. Wow 😯 I’m gaining quick! This is more than my other account!! Tysm!! These are plant and time, so yeah, have fun!

3 months ago